“Success is created from within the organization”

It’s how a Xerox business increased profits by 15% and growth by 20% within a year. It’s one of the strategies Microsoft uses for product development. Syncrude Oil of Canada has increased productivity 65% over 3 years without additional capital investment.

Today’s high performance organizations use new tools to stay at the head of their industry. They have learned that traditional redesign and growth strategies can only take them so far. How have they learned to anticipate the changes and set the trends of their market? What knowledge do they have that no one else does? What resource have they tapped to get such positive results? They’ve just found new ways to tap into the knowledge and creativity of the resource they already pay for, one every company already has – their people!

Four field-tested strategies that help successful companies best utilize their greatest asset – the people within their organization – are Flow, Search Conference, Participate Strategies, and Open Systems. These methods help organizations anticipate change, create flexible plans and improve their ability to respond actively to the ever-changing business environment. Use them to help your company act, adapt, and lead.


Search Conference

Makes it possible for any group, whether in the community or the workplace, to thrive in the face of fast and unrelenting change.

Participative Strategies

Encourages people to take ownership and become responsible for the company’s success.

Open Systems Approach

Recognizes that an organization’s plan influences the external business environment, enabling an organization to set trends for their industry.