CCI Consulting Team

We are an international consortium of business management professionals working to help companies create work environments that maximize profits by challenging employees and management to give their best performance.

Evangeline Caridas* Pam Cavanaugh Nancy Cebula* Larry D’Andrea Max Benavides Mark Hammer* Mary Harlan* Rodney Hill* Diana Petrochellii George Giagtzis Alice Adams
Adaptive Management X X  
Assessment/Metrics X   X X X    
Balanced Scorecard & Measurement X   X  
Business Coaching X X X X X X X X
Change Management X X X X X   X X
Communications Skills X   X  X X
Conflict Resolution X X   X  X
Corporate Reorganization X X   X X   X   X
Debt & Equity Financing       X       X
Difficult Employees X X   X  X
Digital Marketing   X    
Diversity   X X  
Due diligence             X
Emotional Intelligence   X   X   X
Employee Satisfaction X   X   X
Executive Communications X X   X  X  
Financial Management       X X     X
High Performance Strategies X     X  X X X
Human Resources X     X    
Instructional Design      X  X X    
Leadership Development X X X X X  X X
Lean Manufacturing X    
Margin Growth         X
Marketing X    X    
Mergers/acquisitions       X       X
Organization Development X   X X  X X  
Patient Satisfaction X   X   X
Physician Recruitment     X
Process Improvement X X X X
Productivity Improvement X   X X  X X  
Profit Improvement X     X X X  X X X
Public Speaking X     X X X X  
Sales Innovation X     X    
Self Managed Work Teams X X   X  X  
Service Line Enhancement     X
Strategic Planning X X   X X X  X
Training X X   X  
Turnarounds X     X X   X   X
Pam Cavanaugh Larry D’Andrea Max Benevides Rodney Hill*