Our Secret Sauce

Ten Indicators of Superior Performance

These key elements impact company and individual performance as well as profits. The ten criteria are the internal motivators of work and are what motivates people to commit to the success of the business. CCI has created an assessment for these criteria indicating the health of the organization and a path to higher performance..

Over 50 years of research and field testing have proven these 10 criteria inspire people to excel in a business environment:

  • Control

    Effective managers provide their employees with the right balance of direction and freedom.

  • Learning

    Even in leisure pursuits, people strive to improve themselves. People need reasonably challenging tasks to keep them interested and learning on the job.

  • Variety

    People can avoid boredom, stress, and fatigue by developing a work rhythm that offers variety and reasonable challenges.

  • Mutual support and respect

    People remain engaged with their jobs and workplaces when they give and receive respect from their colleagues.

  • Meaning

    People are motivated when they see the correlation between their work and how it benefits the organization and greater community.

  • Desirable future

    People look for careers that offer skill development and personal growth. A person’s career is a vehicle for attaining life aspirations.

  • Preferred life interest

    Job contentment and job retention are linked to personal interests more than competence.

  • Challenges that match and stretch individual skills

    People grow when offered work experiences that align with and extend their abilities.

  • Concentration and focus

    People thrive in an environment that supports work and productivity without distractions and interference.

  • Fun

    People need to experience humor, joy, amusement, fun, etc. within the workplace to relieve tension and create balance.

This is the key to champion performance. When these ten indicators are optimized, productivity sky rockets.

  • Telecom Company – Increased sales by 33% in six months.
  • Manufacturing Company – Increased productivity by 50% in 12 months.
  • Real Estate Company – Grew business revenues by 100% within 12 months