Know your specific obstructions to profit and develop real practical solutions

We have found, through working with companies over many years that management looks at issues through a particular lens, which many times does not encompass the views of the entire organization. If you were to ask top management, mid management, supervisors, and front line employees what the obstacles are to improving the business, you would get a different perspective from each group.

Utilizing assessments and surveys brings the employee’s perspective to management and helps them solve problems that are truly relevant to each area of the company.

Some Benefits to Utilizing CCI Assessment/Scorecard

  • It is the first important step to any business improvement initiative.
  • Company gets an accurate reading of employee issues (surveys are conducted anonymously, so people feel free to discuss real world issues).
  • Since a neutral third party is conducting the surveys, employees feel comfortable in speaking out.


Shift Happens:

  • Employee attitudes begin to shift
  • Employees begin to see management taking action towards their suggestions
  • Employees begin to trust management and take actions to implement business strategy
  • Productivity begins to improve with profit rising
  • It creates speed and momentum towards a change improvement initiative, so it saves time, resources, and money.
  • It is a targeted and focused approach to identifying key issues that need to be addressed in the organization.
  • The Assessment/Scorecard enables predictability of the current state of health of your organization by evaluating hard indicators (tangibles) as well as soft indicators (intangibles) of success.
  • It prevents “blind spots” caused by communication gaps between employees and management in improving processes.

The first step in designing a business improvement initiative is to survey employees in the organization. A doctor conducts a diagnosis before performing surgery. It is essential that he surveys his patient’s symptoms. A company assessment/scorecard provides management with a comprehensive diagnostic of its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a business improvement initiative performs a diagnosis of the organization. Assessment & Scorecard provides a targeted and focused path by which the executive can guide his change initiative.

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