Mark Hammer

Mark Hammer works with companies to improve their overall performance. He has worked for twenty-two years as a psychotherapist, with expertise in Mark Hammer -Business ConsultantAddictions, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. He is currently co-authoring a book with Evangeline Caridas called “Flow in the Workplace“, to be published this year. His business coaching expertise focuses on turnarounds utilizing high performance strategies. He is currently specializing in the development of thriving environments, effective communication & conflict resolution skills, and sustainable profitable strategies that enable company success.

Recent Projects

Conducted Leadership Development for a manufacturing company which included communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution skills. Results showed a reduction in stress and conflicts amongst upper and lower management with their employees. This effort proved to be instrumental in preventing the union implementing its strategies and brought stability to the corporate environment. Provided ongoing coaching for this team.

Coaching a Senior Director in a major energy firm in the area of career development, communication skills and conflict resolution. Helped identify and correct problem areas within her management team. The result was that she continues to thrive and is promoted within her organization.

Facilitated community Search Conference method on Community Issues within State of Colorado. The focus targeted high risk behaviors amongst adolescence. The outcome led to all related agencies centralizing their efforts, joint research, and a gradual reduction of these problem areas

Education and Speaking Engagements

Prior to joining Caridas Consulting International, Mark obtained over twenty-two years of management experience. As an owner and director of  counseling centers, he gained first-hand experience with administration and the problems that face management. In addition, he was the owner and designer of employee assistance programs for Productivity, Inc. In addition, Mark works with companies assisting them in funding acquisition.

Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Drug/Alcohol Counseling from Metropolitan State College. He is a certified Integral Hypno-therapist-Advanced. He has presented numerous workshops on Basic Listening Skills, Assertiveness Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Drug/Alcohol Issues in the Workplace and Family Dynamics.


Over the past 15 years he has worked with Prudential, QuietFlex Manufacturing, The City of Houston, Aspiring Youth, Noble Affiliates, Alpha Montessori, Columbia Healthcare Systems, Goodyear, Houston Cellular, United Behavioral Health, Child Advocates, Inc., Walker-Hale Plumbing & Hardware, University of Texas, Houston Media Source, Palos 118 Independent School District and Perkins & Will, MHMRA of Harris County, AXS Bolivia.