Maximo A. Benavides

As a professor physician scientist, Maximo A. Benavides is leading a research consulting company in the field of the education and health. After earning a diploma as a physician and surgeon, he worked as a doctor in the remote Andes and the jungles of South America, assisting in developing immunization and nutrition programs as well as the education of new health professionals. He subsequently completed a residency in oncological surgery. Research has allowed him to influence the underlying mechanisms of diseases and work directly towards the development of strategies and therapies for the prevention and treatment, so he can identify and solve problems in administration, education and health arenas.

Maximo’s interest in investigation drew him to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (U.A.B.) as a fellow in surgical oncology, the Fox Chase Cancer Center (F.C.C.C.), and the University of Illinois at Chicago (U.I.C.). Following these research experiences, he worked as an invited professor at the University of Sao Paulo-Ribeirao Preto-Brazil in the departments of Gynecology and Surgery. I recently earned his Master of Science (Biotechnology) degree at Johns Hopkins University.

Maximo is honest, optimistic and hard-working, and has worked comfortably in different countries with distinct languages, cultures and customs. He is a confident professor-physician-scientist with a passion for his work.