“Rediscovering the Soul of Business- A Renaissance of Values”

by Gary Zukov, Mathew Fox, Charles Handy and Evangeline Caridas with 21 other contributing writers

“Rediscovering” the soul of business means to reclaim what was once an essential part of being human. Soulful work is the quintessential human experience, embodying the spirit, the pathos, the successes, and the losses associated with productive labor. Rediscovering the soul does not mean adding a new spin to the traditional management approach-using it as a tool to get workers to be more productive. It does mean providing a hospitable environment for the complete human experience, so that people can have a reunion with those parts of themselves that have been disenfranchised as a result of scientific management and the command and control
style of the past generations.

This book is not intended to provide yet another management model, nor to serve as fodder for the gossip mill of “what’s hot and what’s not.” It is intended to be a wake up call to industry and to the complete human being who invests a significant part of his/her energy in the community of the workplace.

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“The New Bottom Line: Bringing Heart & Soul to Business”

by Ken Blanchard, Tom Peters, Thomas Moore and Evangeline Caridas

Business and Spirituality-do they mix?

Can they go together without conflict?

Can they be synergistic?

This powerful collection of writings attempts to address these questions. Packed with controversy, vision, and inspiration this book contains the writings of some of the most inflential people in modern day business. In this remarkable collection they engage in meaningful dialogue and provacative discussion about what it means to be a complete human being in the workplace.

With contributions by some of the most famous writers in business, this anthology squarely faces the questions of whether business and spirit should ever be mixed.

Testimonials for this book’s value lies in the advance praise from such luminaries in progressive business thinking as Stephen Covey, Warren Bennis, Margaret Wheatley, Jim Kouzes, Riane Eisler and James Autry.

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