Rodney Hill

Professor Rodney Hill holds his graduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley, where he taught the first course in Future Studies. He has the Adams Professorship in Interdisciplinary Collaboration and the Professorship in Teaching Excellence at Texas A&M University. He is on the Board of the Institute for Applied Creativity.

Professor Hill received the 2006 Champion of Creativity Award at the American Creativity Association International Conference. He has received college, university, state and national teaching awards including the TSA Romieniec Architectural Education Award. In 2008, Professor Hill received two awards: the University Honors Scholar/Research Award and the Wells Fargo Honors Mentor Award. In 2009, Professor Hill received his fifth university teaching award. In 2010, Professor Hill was awarded the Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Technology at the 21st International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. His students win national innovation competitions and regularly file for patents.

Professor Hill has presented all over the globe at conferences on Futures, Creativity and Innovation. He has presented at the World Future Conference several times, the American Creativity Association, the European Creativity Association, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, and the Engineering and Construction Contracting Association.