Getting your Team in the Flow:
Process Improvement

You can help get your team in the flow with participative process improvement. It yields faster results and turn-around time than any other traditional process improvement. Over 50 years of field testing demonstrate that this process produces greater results than traditional methods.

Our exclusive method creates an environment for everyone in your organization to take initiative, become accountable, and focus their skills and talents on your bottom line.

This method incorporates our 10 Criteria for Superior Performance to empower employees: People redesign their workplace to integrate these criteria with a solid business plan.

If you want to ensure buy-in for your key initiative, this is the method to use. When people have a say in how to organize their work, resistance to business initiatives is practically eliminated! See our case study.

“What’s measured improves” ~ Peter F. Drucker

Here at CCI, we believe that achievement must be measured.

Every level of your business, not just upper management, creates metrics. When every employee understands what they’re being measured against, the collective momentum snowballs toward achieving your business goals.

CCI teaches and coaches your employees in how to measure tangible and intangible performance indicators. Additionally, your employees will learn how to clearly report these results to management.

After 20 years of field testing, we understand that intangibles such as employee commitment, trust in leadership, and motivation significantly impact the hard numbers, or tangibles, and we are committed to helping you improve all aspects of your business.

CCI measures lead and lag indicators, both essential to your business success. Find out more about indicators and measurement.

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