Discover Where You Are, Know Where You Are Going:
Surveys and Assessments

“If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll probably end up someplace else.” ~Douglas J. Eder, Ph.D.

In any organization, assessment informs your next course of action. Before beginning any initiative, you must diagnose the underlying cause of your problem, not just the symptoms.

Utilize one of CCI’s customized surveys and assessments to find gaps in execution and evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your business. We will help you discover what your team is thinking and their level of commitment to the success of your business.

Our surveys and assessments give you a road map that plot a course for your change initiative to greater success. Specifically, they can:

Determine the red zones in your company.

Evaluate areas that give you the highest return.

Zero in on the critical indicators of success.

Help you know where to allocate resources.

Enhance decision quality.

Increase the speed of your change initiatives.

Tailored to you: Customized surveys

The first step in any change initiative is to survey the organization. Our customized surveys can be tailored to assess any critical area of your business.

CCI measures the 10 Criteria of Superior Performance in all of our surveys. These criteria indicate the health of your organization and how well it’s performing against company business strategy. The survey’s results also confirm the likelihood of a successful business initiative.

Excellent performance is always linked to at least one and usually many of these key performance criteria!

Personality Assessment

Your company is made up of unique individuals. No two people are alike, and no two people interact in the same way.  Learning how the individuals that make up your company think and react to the world can mean the difference between productive, motivated employees and a stressed, apathetic workforce.  Our personality assessment reveals personality preferences for individuals and works as an effective team-building tool. This assessment:

Helps managers match employees with ideal company positions.

Gives staff insight into the most suitable career trajectories.

Discloses stress behaviors and provides communication strategies for highly charged situations.

Offers useful suggestions on how to deal with all personality types for successful change initiatives.

Putting It All Together:

Customized Team Performance Surveys and Assessments

You, your company, and your employees are all community, a system. How you all work together as a whole determines both your performance and how the world perceives your company. These customized, in-depth reports provide executives a holistic perspective on team performance and behavior. The format encourages staff to share in a safe environment. The following items are typically revealed in this process:

Ineffective processes that impede employee performance

Critical information regarding staff commitment to your current business strategy

Obstacles to a company’s success and profits

 Challenges to your successful leadership

CCI’s unique approach assesses all levels of the organization relative to the 10 Criteria of Superior Performance.

The results of one or more of CCI’s assessments will enlighten leadership concerning vital business issues and streamline the completion of change initiatives. Knowledge gained from the surveys and assessments will position management on the path to success and improve your bottom line.

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