Evangeline Caridas is a transformational speaker and a motivational business expert who has many executives reach and achieve their business goals. Ms. Evangeline Caridas is available to speak on the following subjects and more:

  • The 10 Criteria for Superior Performance

    Over 50 years of research and field testing show that there are 10 criteria that drive people to excel in a business environment. Control, learning, variety, mutual support and respect, meaning, desirable future, preferred life interest, challenges that match and stretch individual skills, and concentration and focus: in this talk, we explore exactly how you can integrate these concepts into your life and business. We’ll show you how these things will increase the drive and commitment of everyone in your organization.

  • The Leadership Challenge

    When we turn on the news today, all we seem to see are politicians passing blame. Men like Washington inspired his followers even as they starved in Valley Forge. Elizabeth I took a fractured country on the verge of a religious war, and brought it into a period known as “The Golden Age” despite the fact that she an unmarried woman in the 16th century. Themistocles of Athens succeeded as both a politician and general during the birth of democracy in Athens; he was one of the first common-born politicians to come to power, and he led the united armies of Greece to finally defeat the Persian conquest. We’ll look at the traits they had in common: a willingness to take responsibility and sacrifice whatever they needed to in order to make a better life for the people they led. We’ll try to answer where these traits should be in today’s world.

  • Beyond Green- Practices for Sustainable Living and Running a Successful Business

    Green has to go beyond its current state and think about long term sustainable practices. Many individuals and companies are jumping on the green band wagon because it is in vogue. We will go beyond the superficial and take an in depth look at several areas in the green movement. From looking at the future of green building and community planning to finding ways to get green products out to the public to implementing management models that encourage a sustainable infrastructure and outlook, we’ll lay out how to work towards a green, sustainable future.

  • What It Takes to Get your People Rowing in the Same Direction

    It’s easy to end up working at cross-purposes with others in your organization. A lack of communication can have you diligently rowing forward with all your might, while your co-workers just as diligently row backwards. Few things are more frustrating than putting in all that work to go nowhere. We’ll talk about how to use participative management, and “Flow” foster communication and responsibility throughout every level of your business. Participative management and “Flow” are methods, which gives employees responsibility, accountability, and authority over their work as well as getting them “in the zone” of high performance. These methods provide simple tools for employees to improve their work performance and positively impact the bottom line. These processes foster an environment to make employee needs known and create a vehicle for improved communication between all areas of the organization. What differentiates this work is that people’s recommendations are actually implemented and acted upon. People solve their own issues and feel empowered through the process of doing so. People are involved with the implementation process so they are fully engaged.

  • Wellness is the Key to Superior Performance

    You can only achieve superior performance if you continuously strive for wellness in all area of your life. Not only physical wellness, but mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness need to be a part of your overall goals. Many of your peak performance gurus tout wellness as the foundation or cornerstone of excellence. Our mindset is the most important aspect of our achieving superior performance. This talk encompasses all areas of wellness and how to incorporate them into your own life.