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Evangeline Caridas is called a FLOW Evangelist.She is known for getting her clients into the “Zone of high performance”. Evangeline transforms individuals and organizations.

She’s a nationally known speaker delivering high content, high creativity and innovation!

Evangeline Caridas’s most requested programs –

  • “Get Ahead of the Curve – Anticipate Change Before It Happens”
  • “Employee Engagement – Get Them in the Flow” Zone”
  • “Ten Steps to Superior Performance – Perform Like An Olympic Champion”

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“Evangeline shared her winning formula for high employee commitment, engagement, and productivity – “meaningful work “Wow can it really be so simple!”

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“Evangeline shared her “secret sauce” on how to engage, inspire, and motivate yourself and others to excel. Successful sales professionals require little from the external environment, they energize themselves from the inside out!”

“She shared a powerful mindset for continuous mastery in sales – give more than you get and always be of service. Our top sales professionals loved Evangeline’s program, she taught them a new way to think, they knew she was the real deal.
”Xerox Corporation

Speaker Presentations

Evangeline Caridas is a transformational change agent andbusiness speaker who helps executives reach their business goals and teams achieve superior performance. Ms. Caridas is available to speak on a variety of topics, including

The Leadership Challenge

When we turn on the news today, all we seem to see are politicians passing blame. The lack of leadership is evident. Men like Washington inspired his followers even as they starved at Valley Forge. Elizabeth I took a fractured country on the verge of collapse and successfully brought the country together while navigating internal and international politics. Themistocles of Athens succeeded as both a politician and general during the birth of democracy in Athens; he was one of the first common-born politicians to come to power, and he led the united armies of Greece to finally defeat the Persian conquest. These leaders were born in different Eras, but they all had the willingness to take responsibility and sacrifice whatever they needed to in order to make a better life for the people they led. This is the leadership challenge. Evangeline will guide you through the history and psychology of leadership to help you become a better leader.

What It Takes to Get your People Rowing in the Same Direction

It’s easy to end up working at cross-purposes with others in your organization. A lack of communication can have you diligently rowing forward, while your co-workers just as diligently row backwards. Evangeline will share stories of how to apply her ”secret sauce” for high commitment, engagement, and productivity. Her unique methods foster employee accountability, authority and responsibility, consistently contributing to the company bottom line. The secret is getting people into “Flow” or the zone of high performance.

Wellness is the Key to Superior Performance

You can only achieve superior performance if you continuously strive for wellness in all areas of your life. Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness are vital. Evangeline will walk you through the strategies you can implement in your life to achieve wellness, and the right mindset to do it.

Get Ahead of the Curve – Anticipate Change before it Happens!

great opening keynote or closing—totally customized to fit the changes happening in the world, your company and industry. This program sets the stage for a successful change initiative. Evangeline takes you step by step on how to execute change and explains why most change programs fail and how to make sure you don’t head that way. The key: to include and engage your people early and often.

“The most informative and forward thinking speaker we heard so at the World Future Society Conference. Her talk on “How to Create Flow in the Workplace was powerful, practical, and transformative”

Superintendent Palos 118 School District – Chicago, IL

About Evangeline

I started in sales at Xerox Corporation, and I will proudly admit I was good at it. Getting the sale was stimulating for the moment. Sales came naturally to me and what differentiated me at the time was genuinely wanting to help my clients solve their problems. I was with Xerox for over 9 years and was in the top 5% the entire time, winning awards and yet, I felt something was missing. I wanted more than being successful in my job and making great money. I wanted to contribute more to society and make a difference.Maybe I was ahead of my time, back in the 80’s it was all about the drive and the “kill” and no one talked about “purpose”. Today purpose and mission are the drivers in work and life.


There are certain events in your life that feel destined. When I was still in Houston before I moved to Chicago with Xerox, a good friend said “you are going to do something important while you are in Chicago!” I had no idea what she was talking about.I soon found out. While at Xerox in Chicago a friend said why don’t you think about getting your master’s degree at Loyola? I thought about it for about a week and decided I was up for the challenge. When I went to my first class I noticed someone with great energy. Before I go on I have to tell you about Frank. He was spectacular athlete and he trained Olympic champions in The Hague, Netherlands. Besides being easy on the eyes this super athlete was always looking to improve his performance.


Frank discovers Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihaly(Professor Mike) and I want to be around Frank and Dr. Mike because they both are creative, charming, interesting, and generous.


I met these two men who changed my life and I saw the purpose I was looking for and I have been studying “flow” ever since. I now help people access “flow” in their lives and their work. Flow is that creative state where you are totally absorbed in what you are doing, time flies and you are in that super zone space! Flow is the key to high performance and high productivity. When people are in “flow” they are connected to something bigger than themselves!


I wanted to be in the “zone” myself, and the joy I get today is seeing the transformation in organizations and in people lives. I finally found my purpose!

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